Duvet Insert Buying Tips

How to Buy the Right Duvet Insert

Much has been said about mattresses and pillows, but let’s talk about the deal breaker- The Duvets. Call it a comforter, duvet insert or even just duvet, there is no denying that your ultimate comfort lies in them. Be it a harsh cold night or a toasty summer night, the best duvet insert will have you curled up in your bed. On the other hand, the not-so-perfect duvet will turn everything into a nightmare.

So if you have never really understood the science behind what makes a duvet insert “perfect”, its time you get around some duvet technicalities:

Step 1: Understand the Shell and Thread Count

Comfortable Duvet Comforter

Before buying any sort of duvet insert, you need to know what material is used to make its shell. While there is no limit to the range of materials, cotton is the most common and suitable one out of all. The thread count is a quick way of determining the quality of the shell. For instance, a cotton shell ranging anywhere between the 200-800 thread count suggests that the cover is durable, fine and will be very easy to deal with. However, don’t think that the higher the thread count, the better the shell is. Each material has its own perfect thread-count range.

Step 2: Study the Fillings

If you understand this part, then you will become the master of the duvet world. There exist numerous types of fillings that range from feather to down to even synthetic. Most duvet inserts are generally a combination of these fillings in order to give people the maximum benefit while saving the overall costs as well. But its important to understand what comes with these combinations.

Broadly, there will be two kinds of insert fillings available to you- Down and Down Alternative.

What to expect with Down Filling

Down filling consists of feather along with some percentage of down. Most duvets usually come in down filling, largely because these are the warmer, fluffier kind. Not only are these duvet inserts lighter, but they make a good summer companion as well. Since this kind of filling involves feathers, you should be prepare to see much of them poking out of the duvets itself along with bad allergies (if you are easy to trigger).

What to expect with Down Alternative Filling

Down Alternative includes anything and everything, except feathers. The quality of these insert fillings gives a tough competition to the down ones, all while being hypo-allergenic in nature. These inserts are usually heavier and less breathable, but they last a long time and can be washed as well.

Step 3:  Knowing the Tog Rating

Another way of not wasting money on the wrong duvet insert is by simply looking out for the words “Tog Rating”. It tells you about how warm the duvet insert actually is. A general rule of thumb states the the perfect duvet insert for summer has a 4 tog rating, spring and autumn have a 9 tog rating and winters take 13 and all of the above tog ratings.
Along with tog rating, you should also look out at the general weight of the duvet insert because the heavier the insert, the more heat it will trap, irrespective of the tog rating. Tog rating and fill weight usually go hand in hand, so that most customers don’t get overly confused by such terminologies, so therefore relax.

While these basic steps will help you understand the duvet world better, yet if all ends fail for you, simply look out for the best duvet inserts on google. That ought to make sure you end up with your perfect duvet-insert match!.

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Change the Look of Your Living Room with Cushions

Whenever it comes to living rooms, its the small efforts that pay off. Whether they are small changes or just simply moving around the setting these steps can really spruce up a living place. While re-decoration calls for a lot of effort and money, consider the idea of using nothing but cushions to add in some extra texture, color and even patterns. If selected correctly, cushions really can pull together all the elements of the room and bring in balance to a mismatched room. Here a few cushion experiments you can immediately try:

Different Sizes and Types of Cushions

Just like the different patterns, textures and colors, you can actually introduce in different sized cushions as well. This is done to give some depth to your living room. For instance, having all the same sized cushions will look boring and clinical. Instead you can add in rectangular shaped pillows along with the standard square type and this will give more perspective. And while different sizes are being talked about, different types of pillows can be introduced in the lounge as well. While a backrest pillow can give a more casual look to your lounge, a u shaped pillow can perfectly compliment your u-shaped sectional sofas, all while adding in some extra comfort factor.

Select your Color Pallet

colorful cushionsUsually, it is the walls, curtains and furniture that gets most of our attention. However, it is the cushions that will bind the whole thing together. Be it any kind of cushion or cushions, they can either make everything work in the room or just make it look like a hot mess. This is why, while you are busy paying everything else attention, an easy way to keep track of things is to stick to some color pallet in your cushion set as well. Imagine a plain room and adding in some sequenced based bold colored cushions. Uplifts the image doesn’t it?

Select the Cushions

How many cushions do you need? and exactly where do you plan to put them? On the sofas or are we talking about the floor cushions? All these questions are important. While there is no hard and fast rule to how many cushions can be set in a living room, just be sure not to over do it. Plus, you can break the monotony and add in two to three different hues of cushions. And if you want to stick to your colour scheme, then you can surely think of adding in some texture, let’s say some fluffy furry cushions on plain sofa sets for instance. It will be the over all combination that will put the whole look together. However, the more number of pillows, the more repetition of combination will be needed.

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